As many of you know that have worked with me, I’m not a fan of whole house fumigation i.e. “tenting”.  I admit. I’m chemical phobic and I really object to pumping enormous amounts of insecticide into houses and then taking the tent off a couple of days later, opening a few windows and stating it’s all good. I’m not a chemical scientist but that just seems too much to believe. We are talking Vikane, an insecticide so strong that you have to bag or remove all your food. Bag all your dishes and flatware. If that is the case, why on earth would you sleep on a mattress or sit on a sofa that had been gassed with this stuff let alone wear clothing or touch any surface or total yuck, breath the air from a home that has been gassed? Dissipates in a couple of days?  Maybe it does but I’m not willing to risk my health and that of my family by simply believing something a pesticide company says (I hope to live long enough to see Monsanto and their Round Up disappear from the face of the earth). Some articles online say Vikane has been detected 40 days after the tent came off yet you are cleared to occupy.  If you haven’t guessed yet, I am definitely the question authority type and I’ll believe something after you prove it ..not just say it.  We heard from Paul Gillespie today, owner of my favorite pest company today RPG Termite and Pest Control, and he said the state is finally looking into the safety of going back into properties so early after gassing er … tenting. Yay! Finally! While that still isn’t enough assurance for me, and I will personally choose and advise opting for spot treating the involved areas when possible instead of going for the total blast zone approach, at least somebody is paying attention. I have questions like, if they say mattresses won’t be affected, how on earth can they say bed bugs will be killed? Does bagging your food really protect it? Does safe mean there are zero chemicals in the air and on surfaces OR does that mean the chems and residue left behind simply comply with minimum standards? To me, there are no minimum acceptable standards. Its either there or its not. I’m glad there is some extra scrutiny on health and safety as it relates to the bagging of properties. Beyond the advertisement to burglars that you aren’t home and aren’t likely to be home for several days (there are lots of burglary while tented articles), tenting may also be a waste of money. Read your pest inspection report carefully. If you don’t understand it, call somebody who will (like me). Work with a company like RPG that offers non fumigation alternatives in addition to tenting. These days, any way you can reduce the chemical load on your body is worth doing. Thanks Paul Gillespie from RPG for letting us know that finally there are some extra eyes on the subject of tenting safety protocols. As for me, I can promise you any home I live in will never be tented. I’ll live with a few bugs before I pump insecticides into my living space. And last but not least, your trusted local pest control company personnel are likely not the same people doing the tenting and fumigation. This job is farmed out to companies from far and wide who just do that … sort of a subcontractor of your pest guy. They have full access to your property inside and out, walk on your roof and break tiles, pets can and have been trapped inside (and died) and all the plants within something like 18” around the house will be killed by the gas. Be smart and look up the facts. There are probably a million articles online on this subject. I’m not a fumigation specialist so make up your own mind. Do your own research. Happy reading! Call RPG Pest Control for your next pest inspection.

Favorites from Caravan Today

68 Valley Station, Buellton (4/3 on .08 of an acre) 610K It’s the big one! This is the big model at just under 1900 square feet and it is in pristine condition. The best floor plan for sure. I love the surfaces in here and the master bathroom is super amazingly generous in this model. Like new and the backyard, while petite, is beautifully landscaped and presented. Right across from the private off leash dog park too. HOA here is only $124 per month. Listed by the amazing Joe Ramos of BHHS.

447 Quail Run Road, Buellton (3/3 on.19 of an acre) 789K My favorite floor plan for sure here in Homes at Ballard Canyon. Very imaginative, elegant and not boring but still functional, sensible and easy care. I love the courtyard entry. In mint condition with new appliances and a lot of designer touches. Master is sequestered and private with its own office space. Single story which most buyers today want. See it. Listed by rising star Ellen Hemming of Elam, Crystal and Associates.

New Listing

2659 N Refugio Road, Santa Ynez (4/3 on 5 acres) $1,925,000 This is the leg of Refugio where it abuts the back side of Rancho Ynecita and Brander vineyard. Listed by Karin Aitken of BHHS.

Back on the Market

Click here to see the 3 properties that came back on the market.

Price Adjustment

4251 Long Valley Road, Santa Ynez (4/3 on 17+ acres) Northern California meets the Central Coast! I personally can’t think of a better meld between two places dear to my heart! Was $2,350,000 with a new much lower price of $2,150,000.  Woodstock Ranch HOA is $640 per quarter. Listed by Kris Johnston of Engel and Volkers.

Under Contract

1235 Quail Ridge Road, Solvang (3/3 on 2.8 acres) 995K Listed by Robert Etling at Joe Olla Realty.


1716 Eucalyptus Drive, Solvang (3/2 on .20 of an acre) Sold off market, not on the MLS. Listed at $619,900 and sold final for 585K. Listed by Robyn Flynn of Coldwell Banker.  

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