Last Thursday, I was in the front yard with my daughter. Here I am, walking across the lawn, avoiding this sunken area where a tree used to be (we keep filling it in, it keeps sinking). My daughter says “mom look ….. a lost dog”! What do I do? Well, naturally I stop watching where I’m walking and fall into the tree hole! Holy moly, I thought I would never walk again. Turns out nothing was broken but my      right foot was wrecked and I was on crutches for a few days and had to keep it elevated. Long story short, I was feeling sorry for myself for a few days but I’m back in action now. Let’s see what happened while I was down for the count and Nina was holding down the fort. 

New Listings

Click here for the 5 new listings. Love the barn and views on the Refugio listing.

Price Reductions

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Click here for the 8 sold properties. There are some good ones here! Two in the Alisal. Great selection of properties in a variety of price ranges. Good study for those keeping track of sales.  


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