Here is a big shout out to you folks out there that, like many, are frustrated with trying to find good and talented people to work on your property. Its hard! And even when you do, they are booked out, flaky, overpriced (what I call "zip code inflation") or bring in 5 other people to complete the job creating security and quality variations. I hear about it all the time. Let me ease your pain a little bit by making recommendations for the three top requests I get. I don't get any kickbacks from these people so these are honest referrals based on personal experience but please do make sure to tell them I sent you. 

Carpentry. Let me introduce you to Seth Thomas who is a master finish carpenter. We are talking cabinetry, floors, doors, baseboards, trim, sliding barn doors and pretty much anything you can think of made of wood. He is a perfectionist with an unbelievable eye for detail. But wait, there's more. Seth, beyond being an overall nice guy, also has a wonderful yet practical design eye and, through his work that I have seen with my own two eyes, there isn't much else Seth can't do. This guy has some serious mad skills. Got a project small or large? Call him and see if he can do it. Seth is the guy doing the work, hands on. I have found him to be completely honest, hard working, diligent, reality based and creative. You can reach Seth at 805.258.3612 or

Painting. There are a lot of painting contractors out there. My personal favorite is Bob Trupe. Why? This is a rarity but as an artist himself, Bob has a particularly good eye for color and detail and can actually help you make choices.  He is patient, methodical, detail oriented, responsible, responsive (I don't have to wait a week for him to call me back) and a really pleasant guy to be around. His bids are reliable so you won't get a nasty surprise later when its invoice time. Bob does the work himself rather than banging it out fast with a crew, thereby making your project safe, secure, seamless and quiet. You can reach Bob at 805.478.2234. 

Housekeeping. As with painters, there are a lot of housekeepers but personally, I gravitate to the professional services. This is the one place where I like a team approach because you can have 3 people in your house for 2 hours or you can have one person in your house for 6 hours. I'm not into having people in my house for 6 hours. Plus, business entities versus private party housekeepers have insurance for their workers, are licensed and bonded. When you go to file your taxes or run for public office, you don't have to worry about 1099's, I9's (or the lack thereof). Hey, its happened right? For my own home, properties I have worked on and always recommended to others, I like Espana Janitorial Services and Carpet Cleaning. The owner, Maribel Espana, is a lovely and efficient woman who rules with an iron fist but is the sweetest person you'll ever meet. She knows her job and does extremely accurate estimates for one time cleaning or ongoing which she does for me. But .... wait. The good news doesn't stop there. Her company does disaster cleanup (water extraction) and work outside too. Yard work, hauling and tree trimming for instance. One stop shopping for clean up of pretty much anything. You can reach Maribel at Espana by calling 805.757.1383.

I'll be traveling tomorrow and probably won't make it back in time to post but I'll catch up on Friday. In the meantime, check out mid week rates from Guy Rivera at Guarantee Mortgage by clicking here

New Listing

1716 Eucalyptus Drive, Solvang (3/2 on .19) $624,900 Eucalyptus is a long street. This location is near where it intersects Alisal Rd. 

New Listing

3001 Via De Los Ranchos, Solvang (110+ acres, land and workshop) $3,500,000 In an interesting twist, this piece has 80K per year income generated from sand mining. It sounds like maybe (?) on this land the mineral rights are intact (check the prelim). You might think is normal but it isn't always. Many properties small and large have no mineral rights running with the land as they were sold off generations ago. Reading the preliminary title report in detail is really important, especially with large land pieces. You can find all sorts of stuff on these reports. I read one recently where an oil company had surface rights anywhere 300 square feet away from the house. That means they could develop oil or gas on your property without owning it. You could wake up one day and pump jack will be an ugly lawn ornament. Read the prelim on any property you buy, large or small. If you don't understand it, call the title rep from whatever escrow or title company you are working with. They can help you decipher the gobble de gook. This particular offering is really interesting because of the income stream. 80K per year is more profit than some vineyards produce so not to be overlooked as a motivating factor to see this one for sure. Great location near where highway 154 near Zaca Station Rd. and highway 101 intersect just outside of Los Olivos. 

Price Reduction

846 Sienna Way, Solvang (4/3 on 1+ acre)  Was $1,225,000 with a new price of $1,175,000. Nice 50K reduction! Beautiful home with a pool. Its not too late to stay cool for the rest of the summer poolside! 

Under Contract

3050 Canada Este Road, Santa Ynez (3/5 on 18 acres) $2,125,000


3460 Live Oak Road, Santa Ynez (3/3 on 19+ acres)  Listed at $2,295,000 and sold final for $2,150,000. Original price $2,395,000 with 153 days on market. Fully remodeled top to bottom with the rare bonus of having phenomenal views out of both sides of the house which means there are no rooms without an amazing view. 

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