Our office in Santa Barbara asked us agents to relate some wacky stuff that has happened to them over the years …. Sort of a “day in the life of a real estate agent” sort of thing. Got me thinking back to some of the ridiculous things that have happened. Here is my list. All of these things have happened to me at least once, sometimes more. And you all think being a real estate agent is easy!!!!

  1. Agent being chased or licked by a horse, cow or rooster during a showing (all have happened to me). 
  2. Buyer gets knocked over by horses butt. 
  3. Agent trips and falls in squirrel hole in a pasture ... then buyer does the same thing on purpose so the agent doesn’t feel stupid. 
  4. Agent tries to shoo cows out of the road so they can get by with their client in the car and steps in fresh cow poop in the process. 
  5. Agent cleans up dog poop with a pooper scooper then takes dog for a walk so the showing can happen. 
  6. While standing on the lawn during a showing, the sprinklers come on. 
  7. Seller is passed out drunk on the sofa snoring and won't wake up so the agent just shows the property anyway. 
  8. Agent has to get a ladder and rescue a cat from the roof because it’s making so much noise the showing won't go well. 
  9. No, you can't just show a photo of the money inside your home safe and have that be good enough to qualify as proof of funds. 
  10. Agent is half way in and half way out of a raised floor crawl space with her feet sticking out (yes, like the Wicked Witch of the West) so she can see the raccoons living under there. 
  11. Agent has to remove a dead squirrel from the pool quickly before the buyers show up (actually on another occasion, a deer had been attacked by a mountain lion and the listing agent had to break out a shovel and bury it before the buyers came - that was super gross ... and on another occasion, the buyers kids were found by the pool throwing rocks from opposing sides of the pool to see who could make the drowned rat go to the opposing side of the pool the fastest). What is it about pools???? 
  12. Agent is showing a vacant property at night when the cops show up with guns drawn (neighbor had reported a burglary in progress). 
  13. Mother cat had kittens so everybody ended up in the master closet sitting on the floor playing with the kittens. 
  14. Agents vehicle battery spontaneously died in the entrance to the driveway on Halloween. Nobody could come in or out until the tow truck came hours later.
  15. Client was in the military and lived in Japan and couldn't come here until after the sale closed. They didn't see the house in person until after they had paid for it - talk about pressure! 

New Listings

1799 Cougar Ridge Road, Buellton (4/3 on 20 acres) $1,349,000 For the horsey folks out there that like a lot of privacy, this one is for you. This area is pretty sandy and forgiving which is good for horses feet. My mare lived on sand for years which definitely added to her usable lifetime (Dr. Herthel (RIP) once told me that much of the colic they see at the clinic is from grass, not sand).  Nice runs which can be seen from the house for you horse mommies that like to be able to see their horses all the time. Small arena is augmented by miles and miles of private riding trails in this gated ranch community. Near the end of Cougar, the privacy here is pretty unique. Listed by Chris Jones of BHHS Santa Barbara.

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2834 Grand Avenue, Los Olivos (2/1 on .16 of an acre) 839K Listed by Christine and Evan Lash of Grand Avenue RE.


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