New Listing

2141 Creekside, Solvang (3/2 on .25 of an acre) 738K Mid block between Rebild and Kolding. Sounds like the remodel has already been started here. Only 2 pics now but the link above will automatically refresh when more pics are loaded up.

Price Reduction

687 Alisal, Solvang (3/3 on 1.25 acres) Was $1,099,000 with a new price of 999K. I love meaningful price reductions. Mere tokens don't even make this blog. Reduce it like you mean it. This price reduction will put the property in front of buyers in the next lowest price point, many of which have never been exposed to it before. This is a brilliant price reduction strategy.

Under Contract

616 Valley Oak, Solvang (4/4 on .49 of an acre) $1,149,000 For those of you that think price reductions don't work, here is another example of meaningful price reductions bringing the buyer. Sometimes its a buyer who has been watching it but not willing to write a low offer. Sometimes its a new buyer who is just seeing it drop into their price range search. The sequence of events is telling. Price came down from $1,195,000 to $1,149,000 on 6/4 and by 6/6 it goes pending. Price reductions done right do work to get properties sold. The public will always tell you what your property is worth.


1551 Oak St., Solvang (3/2 on .15 of an acre) Listed at $549,500 and sold final for 525K. Original price was 585K in August of 2017. This parcel has DR-20 high density zoning.