Well the Craigslist fraudsters are back. I haven't heard about one of these scams in a while. It all started when I went to my new listing at 1623 Juniper to show it this morning.  A nice lady was out front wondering about the rental ... I said oh no, this is for sale, not rent. She said well, its on Craigslist. People get confused about such things all the time so I didn't pay too much attention to it .... until I get a call from another potential renter and then an agent called me. So I checked it out and horror of horrors, there is a fraudulent ad on Craigslist, listing my for sale listing instead for rent. See the problem is the ads don't have a phone number so the more resourceful renters look it up, find the for sale ad on Zillow and get my phone number so just call me directly (and I can save them from the scam hopefully). This is good because the alternative is to email via Craigslist which puts you right in bed with the scammers. The scam works like this. The scammers send you a sappy reply email telling you how they are looking for a really good renter who will take good care of the property in exchange for low rent and how the property used to be for sale but isn't any more because their agent was just too expensive. They further explain that you can't get inside the property just yet but after you get "approved" they will send the keys. Next they ask you for money to pay for applications, credit checks and keys to see inside which of course never arrive. Why do people send money without actually going inside the house or meeting anyone there in person? Desperation and the dangle of super low rental amounts would be my guess. Fair market rental value on this property is somewhere around $2500 yet the scammers have it advertised at $1200. The little @#%^&*'s also stole my photos and narrative. The way it works on Craigslist is if a lot of people flag it, then Craigslist will take it down otherwise they don't and the ad just sits there waiting to scam some other potential renters. The stream of people willing to blindly send money to secure a rental in a tight to non existent supply environment is huge. So I'm asking for your help and besides I'm sure you'll want to see the fraud ad anyway. Here is the link the Craigslist ad https://santabarbara.craigslist.org/apa/d/the-quiet-neighborhood/6548868209.html. This is how you can help me. If you navigate there and the ad is still up, please click the "prohibited" box up at the top of your screen. Apparently some people can have a box that says "Please flag with care". Both do the same thing in populating fraud activity so Craigslist will take it down. You can also file a formal complaint in the help section which I have already done. The more people flag it, the sooner Craigslist will take it down. I wish I could take it down myself before people get hurt financially but I can't. People getting financially hurt, usually those who can least afford it, is a sad fact of life as long as there are scammers out there and unregulated posting can happen in places like Craigslist. People have been coming to the property all day peeping in the windows. Sorry to dissapont them but this is not the rental deal of the century but is instead a huge scam. Spread the word not to send anyone any money related to this Craigslist ad. Grrrrr! 

New Listing

1623 Juniper, Solvang (3/2 on .18 of an acre) 589K A listing in my own inventory! See the whole photo tour at the dedicated website www.1623Juniper.com. You can also read the custom booklet about the property by clicking here. I do these booklets for all my listings and make them available online like this and also in hard copy for showings. This is a really great opportunity to buy into a wonderful neighborhood right here near the river and greenbelt. A lot has been done to this home already that you might not notice but is very important like roof, furnace and water heater all being replaced in the last few years. That is a huge cost savings over other similar properties without those expensive repairs being done. The master bedroom is absolutely huge in this home! The kitchen is ripe for a remodel and worth doing because of the generous space and view of the gardens from picture windows. This property offers a lot for the money. I'll be open here Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 to 4:00 so come on by! 

New Listing

2156 Holly Lane, Solvang (3/2 on .27 of an acre) 690K Here is a well priced home in Creekside. Whereas we see mostly orignal amenities in good condition, the great floor plans in Creekside make for wonderful remodel projects. High ceilings and thoughtful floor plans make these remodels really special. Some of the homes in here have really been taken over the top with trendy makeovers. Very good location in the valley with easy access to everything, even on foot. Sunny Fields park is just down the street as well as two shopping centers and health care. Creekside is very desirable with homes in here generally selling quickly. 

Back on Market

160 3rd St., Solvang (3/3 on .23 of an acre) 649K

Under Contract

3320 Canade Este, Santa Ynez (3/3 on 20 acres) $2,695,000 

Under Contract

2408 Janin, Solvang (4/3 on 1 acre) $1,095,000


3440 Manzana, Santa Ynez (3/3 on .25 of an acre)  Listed at 599K and sold final for same, 599K. 


1331 Tiana Place, Santa Ynez (4/3 on 1 acre)  Listed at 849K and sold final for same, 849K. Only on the market a few days. 


0 Roblar, Santa Ynez (19.52 acres, land only)  Listed at $1,295,000 and sold final for $1,100,000. 

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