This week sure has flown by. Its Thursday so lets take a look at the open houses for this weekend by clicking here. Not surprisingly, there are only 4 opens on the entire list for both days which is a reflection of the holiday weekend. In fact, I would say Easter weekend is one of the slowest real estate weekends of the entire year. Its one of those holidays where people spend time being with each other, going out of town and doing Easter related things. Looking at houses doesn't even make the list and rightly so. I will be with family myself tomorrow so this is my last post for this week but those of you following my Facebook business page Sharon Currie's SYV Real Estate will still see any important events posted as they happen. Have a wonderful and joy filled weekend. Come back here Monday for all the news. 

Foreclosure Auction

We don't see a lot of foreclosure auctions around here anymore. Its is a rarity but I know a lot of you out there track this stuff. If you are curious about the property, the address of which I am choosing not to broadcast here, let me know and I will send you the particulars. Many of you will have already figured it out. I will say its in Los Olivos just for the sake of interest to buyers and investors. This is a live auction at the county courthouse, not online. At the time the pics were taken when this property was on the market recently, the property was occupied. I don't know if it still is so please, do not walk on the property, peep in the windows or in any way trespass. Its illegal to trespass and if someone is living there, it could get ugly. The property still belongs to the owners. It is not bank owned until such times as the auction date rolls around and nobody successfully bids on it. Then its bank owned. Right now, its people owned. Keep in mind all foreclosure auctions are cash only (no loans). You actually have to have the cash on you in the form of dollars or cashiers check. They actually check before giving you a bidder number.  No letters of credit, copies of your bank statement or photos of your money sitting in a safe at home. The property is sold as is. You can not see the property first, no inspections and you will inherit the occupants if there are any plus certain liens (tax liens, mechanics liens etc.) that survive foreclosure and any mortgages senior to the foreclosing note if any. Do your homework before bidding. Looks like the published opening bid (which I can see elsewhere) will be $561,620 (which matches what says is what is owed on the property) which is of course a screaming deal assuming the house has no major issues. I don't generally like to broadcast foreclosure information on this public facing version of my blog but this popped up on Zillow today and several people have called me in the last week or so after seeing it on various websites so I wanted to first head off a bunch of people tromping all over someones property and also to remind you all of how foreclosure auctions work. Its been a while and we needed a refresher course. And please, respect the privacy of the current owners.

New Listing

1211 Petersen, Solvang (3/3 on 1.42 acres) $1,349,000 One the perimeter of the first phase of Skytt Mesa with a pool and big views. The first phase is completely different from any subsequent phases. They are bigger, built with an upper level of quality construction, finishes and design and often have larger parcels. They were built by different builders at different times. The pricing on the first phase should not be compared at all to anything in later phases. Skytt is not a managed community so NO HOA fees in Skytt but there are the usual CC&R's to keep the environment pleasing for everyone. Lots of open space, trails and super convenient access to pretty much everything here via the front and back entrance (highway 246 and Chalk Hill). Luxury living made simple. 

New Listing (already under contract) 

2460 Highway 135, Los Alamos (vintage ranch compound on 97.62 acres) $5,950,000 These old historic ranch properties and larger parcel offerings in Los Alamos have been doing very well lately. This one gone before it even hit the market. 

Price Reduction

3314 Sagunto, Santa Ynez (3/2 on .24 of an acre)  Was 760K with a new price of 747K. 


2470 Janin, Solvang (4/3 on 1 acre)  Listed at $1,239,000 and sold final for same, $1,239,000. 


1525 Dove Meadow, Solvang (2/2 house and 1/1 house on 9.98 acres)  Listed at $1,495,000 and sold final for $1,480,000. 

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