I was talking to my favorite insurance broker today, Suzy DalPozzo from Allstate Insurance. By the way, Suzy is awesome. I send all of my clients to her. Actually I find some humor in people who insist on get quotes elsewhere and then go to Suzy. I always get a call saying "oh my gosh you were right ... Suzy saved me so much money". Then I get to say I told you! Save yourself some time and just call her first. Plus Suzy is a super nice person and works as hard as a I do. But I digress. The reason I brought this up is because I heard about the case of a person (not from here) who couldn't get homeowners insurance because they had a DUI. I was thinking, what the heck? I have never even heard of a DUI influencing a persons ability to get homeowners insurance. Why would that be? Are insurance companies checking our criminal records now? Not that I have one ... I'm just saying, it seems like an invasion of privacy. Anyway, so I called Suzy becaue she is my resident expert and got a good lesson on this subject. Apparently, it is common practice for insurance companies or underwriters (not Suzy herself) to Google or otherwise search online when working with homeowners or proposed homeowners of high value homes. High value being 1 million or more. Around here, a million isn't that much money comparitively speaking but keep in mind this is a national issue so in most other places, a million dollar house is pretty outrageously awesome. Anyway, basically, if your home is a high value property and your life is played out in social media, the news or whatever, i.e. if you are "googlable", and some bad boy or girl activities come to light, you may be deemed high risk, especially if young or a repeat offender. Trash a few hotel rooms and the paparazzi gets wind of it? Yeh. Not good when you go to get insurance the next time. Like we needed any more reason, but this is just one more to not drink and drive, text and drive, trash hotel rooms, do outrageous things in public or get noticed for being a bad boy or girl. Keep it cool ..... and don't play your life out on in social media or the news if you plan on getting insurance any time soon. Negative notoriety is apparently a detriment to getting insurance especially now when insurance companies are finding new and inventive ways to not spend their money on claims. Who knew? Thank you Suzy for the lesson today. You rock. Anyone that wants to save some money and/or make sure they have appropriate protection in this litigation crazy world we live in, give Suzy Dalpozzo a call at Allstate in Lompoc.805.735.6466. https://agents.allstate.com/susan-dal-pozzo-lompoc-ca.html

I went to the County ad hoc meeting regarding Camp 4 today. If anyone is interested and couldn't attend, give me a call. I'm happy to chat about it. It was interesting. I'll say that. 

Its Thursday! That means here is the open house list for the weekend. Click here! One of them is mine. Come and see me at 466 Hawk Canyon in Buellton this Sunday from 2:00 to 4:00. See what 769K buys in Buellton ..... over 3,000 square feet of newer construction with views, thats what! 

Price Adjustment

4140 Oakview, Santa Ynez (3/2 on 21.8 acres)  One of my fav's just got better. Was $1,699,000 with a new price of $1,595,000. In Oak Trail Ranch but unlike many parcels in here, this one is on the floor of the canyon which provides not only shelter from wind but also a lot of flat and usable. If you are looking for privacy, this is one place you will definitely find it. The house is casual, comfy, homey, ranchy and just feels good. Full time or part time living, the character earned over time and wonderful oak grove make this home somewhere to look forward to arriving at. 

Price Adjustment

2100 Adobe Canyon, Solvang (3/2 on 5 acres)  Was $1,429,000 with a new price of $1,375,000. Some really big views from this incredibly private location that is remarkably close to everything. Ballard school district too. Shared well. 


1516 Monarch, Santa Ynez (main house and guest house on 5.14 acres)  Listed at $2,495,000 and sold higher at $2,525,000. 

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