Here is one good thing so far in our change up to a new MLS program. I can easily share the open houses with you all. A list of open houses is a very often requested need and until now it wasn't easy to provide it nor was it reliable. But with the new system, most if not all open houses will be on the list and I can now give you the list! Yay! Finally. Click here for a link to all the open houses this weekend including mine at 4000 West Oak Trail in Santa Ynez. I'll post this list on Thursdays for you so that those folks coming from far away can plan a visit. Then again, you don't need to wait for an open house. Any home on this list can be shown to you privately at your convenience.  Big  open house weekend! There are 20 on the list!

Many of you will remember I'm not a fan of solar leases. From a sales and transaction standpoint, they can and have been a deal breaker many times. Many buyers do not want to take over your expensive and very long lease (15+ years is typical). Unless a buyer will do that, and because the lease is a recorded lien on your title, then either the house can't sell or you have to buy out the remainder of the lease in order to sell the property ... neither of which is a happy conclusion (for you anyway). I sold a property a few years back where the seller had to write a check to the leasing company for $13,000 in order to sell his property to my buyer who didn't want to absorb the lease. So I already was not a fan and then recently I started reading about solar companies filing bankruptcy at alarming numbers. That's when I really started getting worried about how solar leases are going to further muck up sales. If the company goes away, who do we call or work with to pay off a lease so the property can be sold to a  non assuming buyer? How do we transfer responsibility for the lease to a buyer who does want it? Who do you call if something goes wrong with your solar system now or in 20 years? The answers to these questions appear to be unfolding but I don't have any answers yet. Here are a few articles but you won't have any trouble finding others. You can also click here for a concise article on the pro's and con's of leasing versus buying solar. I highly recommend reading it. Its one of the easiest to understand comparisons I have found and will illustrate why buying is better. Read it especially if you are considering a solar lease. Here are some articles on the solar BK shake up:

Now, on to what you really want to know about! Just a couple of items today. 

Price Reduction

470 Dogwood, Buellton (5/5 on .23 of an acre)  Was 895K with a new price of 849K. Money goes a little further in Buellton. We are talking a 3240 square foot main house PLUS a 608 square foot full guest house PLUS a 261 square foot casita. They didn't make many of these combos in Sycamore Ranch and they rarely become available so see it now if this set up works for you.  A lot of under roof for the money. Location at end of the cul de sac on the segment of Dogwood closest to the foothills versus the highway which equates to no location challenges either. It's a good one! 


1309 Catarina, Santa Ynez (3/3 on .47 of an acre)  Listed at 669K and sold final for 647K. 


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